Whisbear E-zzy Sloth Baby Monitor

By Whisbear
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The Whisbear E-zzy is a unique, multi-functional parent's assistant, sleep helper and baby soother. It's the 1st App-connected baby sleep monitor and pink noise toy in the form of an adorable, soft sloth.

This E-zzy Sloth is the only product on the market, which in the form of a soft, plush pet combines three devices in one:

  • Helps your toddler calmly fall asleep
  • Watches over the child's sleep
  • Supports daily care of the baby

This baby monitor, combined with a dedicated application in the parent's or guardian's phone by using secure Bluetooth SMART technology, which allows remote management and use of E-zzy Sloth. Effective and safe hum that Whisbear is famous for can be managed remotely using the application in the phone

Children's Toy:

  • Turning on / off noise
  • Adjusting the volume level
  • Choosing the type of noise (pink noise, white noise or sea waves)
  • Setting the duration of noise
  • Activation / deactivation of the CRYsensor function (which automatically reacts with noise to the child's crying)
  • Setting the time of listening for the CRYsensor function
  • Setting the sensitivity of the CRYsensor function
  • Set the noise at the selected time

Baby Monitor:

  • CRYalert function : Sloth E-zzy, connecting to the application automatically notifies the parent when the child starts to cry by sending an alert to the parent's phone
  • Sleep analysis : the application constantly monitors the operation of the skimming device, providing detailed statistics and allowing to assess the child's sleep quality with different noise settings

Parent Assistant:

  • Calendar : allows you to save upcoming important appointments or medical appointments. After personalizing the application, it automatically notifies about the necessary or indicated activities appropriate for the child's age - hip examination, whether the approaching date of official formalities, etc.
  • Advice : E-zzy is a complete guide of the parent, full of useful information and advice adapted to the age of the child, developed based on the recommendations of pediatricians and medical standards
  • Skills : this function allows you to follow the development of a child and document its milestones, which then the parent can keep for themselves or from the application level to share along with images in social media
Size of sloth

Length with paws: 46 cm
Width: 14 cm
Width of paws: 56 cm
Size of device

9 cm

Pack size

18 cm x 35 cm x 156 cm
Approx. weight

0.45 kg

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